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  1. Markov Dosto(y)evsky question

    here we go: Fidel Castro's secret # account

    about a month ago from
  2. erkan erkan

    user stories (1) for Social # by Evan. And the ensuing discussion: RT @f-a "that those 'stories' are just social # interactions and that we need to bake # as a primary feature. Evan disagrees, says that federation should be added on top of that and not as a primary feature" cc !consensus !irc (1)

    about 2 months ago from in context
  3. erkan erkan

    originally brought to attention by a member of the !consensus group cc !irc

    about 2 months ago from
  4. erkan erkan

    cc !irc

    about 3 months ago from
  5. erkan erkan

    seeing code commit activity in the !tent !irc group

    about 3 months ago from in context
  6. erkan erkan

    you see me regularly in the !irc channel ;-)

    about 3 months ago from
  7. erkan erkan

    stalker ;-) yeah, I also posted from !irc some messages, see the @irc account here

    about 3 months ago from
  8. erkan erkan

    "If configured + understood properly, # can be as easy as using the !irc client you favor, while being as private and secure as enterprise, military, and/or critical systems."

    about 4 months ago from in context
  9. erkan erkan

    yes, this @irc bot can send AND receive msgs from !irc <-> !gs

    about 4 months ago from
  10. erkan erkan

    RT @50294 Idee: !YouTube Account löschen, stattdessen bei !Wiki und !IRC aktiv werden.

    about 6 months ago from
  11. oldpostblue oldpostblue

    De mon côté, je suis repassé à # pour profiter plus complètement des !Gnome Online Accounts, que j'utilise également pour # (avec #).

    about 8 months ago from
  12. erkan erkan

    #: until binding judgement ... # hosted services where # from # is transmitted (like #, #, #, #, # exit nodes, relays) cc @question

    about 9 months ago from in context
  13. erkan erkan

    # admin: I need to # some servers after those net #, otherwise we'll see significant # across the network. !irc

    about 10 months ago from in context
  14. erkan erkan

    reading # specifications, " !IRC client + server software authors working to enhance, improve, maintain + standardize current IRC protocol"

    about 10 months ago from in context
  15. Ariel Millennium Thornton arielmt

    "Oy who is you bruv, gimme ya ident" # # # # # #

    Monday, 08-Jul-13 19:56:05 UTC from mail
  16. Ariel Millennium Thornton arielmt

    Good morning, folks. From the land of # comes a mind-altering realization. Riker sits down:

    Wednesday, 08-May-13 14:31:07 UTC from mail
  17. Ariel Millennium Thornton arielmt

    # # <zetathustra> hahaha this is our country lol.

    Wednesday, 12-Dec-12 19:52:46 UTC from web at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W
  18. Ariel Millennium Thornton arielmt

    "This Election Day, I hope Ohio residents make a better choice than living in Ohio." #, quotes included

    Tuesday, 06-Nov-12 19:15:17 UTC from TTYtter at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W
  19. roughnecks roughnecks

    # v1.7 is out: get it at github !Perl !linux # #

    Monday, 05-Nov-12 13:33:22 UTC from at 43°18'25"N 13°43'14"E
  20. Ariel Millennium Thornton arielmt

    "not actually a parachute, actually his testicles" #

    Sunday, 14-Oct-12 18:14:34 UTC from TTYtter at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W