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Shutting down this server soon, but I'll be back. Watch or for more info.

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  1. One row in one table. Also, no, it wasn't from editing the database with SQL. (Although, I did have to use SQL to fix it.)

    Friday, 28-Nov-14 23:26:02 UTC from mail
  2. I found part of the reason upgrading my rails app was so hard. I accidentally borked a record in my database 2 1/2 years ago.

    Friday, 28-Nov-14 23:21:03 UTC from mail
  3. Good morning, folks. Today, I resolve to avoid spending so much as a dime on anything.

    Friday, 28-Nov-14 17:26:04 UTC from mail
  4. Want to be an Internet support technician? Learn how to dig postholes, dig trenches, dig up poles, & carry poles with cement feet.

    Thursday, 27-Nov-14 02:26:04 UTC from mail
  5. That moment when you accidentally kill a long-running command because your mouse cursor was in the wrong window.

    Tuesday, 25-Nov-14 05:51:03 UTC from mail
  6. The news will spread at the speed of light. The rumors will somehow spread even faster.

    Tuesday, 25-Nov-14 01:36:03 UTC from mail
  7. What I need from a portable music player is very simple: Be small, play MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files, & be a USB flash drive to a PC.

    Monday, 24-Nov-14 14:56:03 UTC from mail
  8. I'm hoping it's just luck a broken player shipped, and I can just exchange it.

    Monday, 24-Nov-14 14:52:06 UTC from mail
  9. Good morning, folks. I got an Eclipse Fit Clip Plus on Saturday, but it was broken in box. Media errors & won't play some formats.

    Monday, 24-Nov-14 14:51:04 UTC from mail
  10. The official answer for @IE 6 users is to landfill a fully operational system and buy a new don't-touch-me-wrong PC or slab.

    Wednesday, 19-Nov-14 14:56:02 UTC from mail
  11. Sadly, MS made it impossible for @IE 6 users to upgrade. They can't even get 8 without a partner sharing the offline installer.

    Wednesday, 19-Nov-14 14:51:59 UTC from mail
  12. Monday, I came across a PC that had been on the Internet in 2014, frequently, with @IE 6. Despite that horror, it had no adware.

    Wednesday, 19-Nov-14 14:51:04 UTC from mail
  13. "JetBlue to add bag fees, cut legroom amid pressure from investors and analysts" ~Today in why I will never fly commercial again.

    Wednesday, 19-Nov-14 14:41:03 UTC from mail
  14. GNOME, KDE, and MATE all feel like snails even on my 4GB RAM, 4x i5 CPU laptop.

    Monday, 17-Nov-14 06:16:03 UTC from mail
  15. I have a new favorite # desktop environment: LXDE. It's a nice blend of "just get to work" and customizability, fast & light.

    Monday, 17-Nov-14 06:06:03 UTC from mail
  16. Current status: Installing Internet Explorer 8 on Linux via PlayOnLinux, please send halp!

    Sunday, 16-Nov-14 22:01:04 UTC from mail
  17. So tell me again how voter disenfranchsement is not an issue or a big deal.

    Sunday, 16-Nov-14 00:07:07 UTC from mail
  18. Remember the one-vote sheriff's race? After the provisional ballots were validated and counted, the election went the other way.

    Sunday, 16-Nov-14 00:06:04 UTC from mail
  19. Whoever put the letter B in the word "subtle" deserves a pat on the back.

    Friday, 14-Nov-14 20:56:05 UTC from mail
  20. RT @OsakaJack: "The biggest problem of success is that it looks easy." Wow. Now THAT'S a quote. I love it. #

    Wednesday, 12-Nov-14 16:16:04 UTC from mail