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Shutting down this server soon, but I'll be back. Watch or for more info.

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  1. I have a new favorite # desktop environment: LXDE. It's a nice blend of "just get to work" and customizability, fast & light.

    Monday, 17-Nov-14 06:06:03 UTC from mail
  2. On the subject of # manpage bugs sections, check out the one for # cc @climagic

    Sunday, 30-Mar-14 17:21:09 UTC from mail
  3. "BUGS: More than you can imagine." I like honest # manpages. :3 # # # cc @climagic

    Sunday, 30-Mar-14 17:16:13 UTC from mail
  4. Why's one of #'s shutdown log messages "stderr exited with nonzero status"? Isn't it # consoles' standard error stream?

    Monday, 11-Nov-13 05:41:06 UTC from mail
  5. For the love of sanity, if you write anything for !linux, write its manpage as a FULL MANUAL, not as a brief overview!

    Sunday, 18-Aug-13 01:20:46 UTC from TTYtter at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W
  6. So far, my opinion of # is that it's proof # and # can be made as fragile and unreliable as # and #

    Thursday, 08-Aug-13 15:56:04 UTC from mail
  7. # hasn't upset me enough to literally throw away a PC since the days between leaving GEOS & finding # The dark days.

    Wednesday, 10-Jul-13 21:26:03 UTC from mail
  8. Good morning, folks. Today is new # day, but I can't get excited b/c of what let-downs the last 3 releases have been. #

    Thursday, 25-Apr-13 13:11:08 UTC from mail
  9. #'s MP3 downloader no longer has a # version. Just the newest reason required download managers are a pile of #

    Thursday, 24-Jan-13 00:57:04 UTC from mail
  10. [Journal entry] Random Wallpapers # # # #

    Sunday, 06-Jan-13 04:56:07 UTC from mail
  11. Transform a # stick into a # device packing multiple # distros using # by @57un

    Thursday, 03-Jan-13 05:05:51 UTC from web at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W
  12. Just got a @Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, pleased all features work out-of-box on !Debian !Linux, a bit annoyed at dbl-tap to middle-click.

    Saturday, 24-Nov-12 03:16:54 UTC from TTYtter at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W
  13. Mint lacks a decent VNC viewer that lets me scale down the screen AND send control-key events. !LazyWeb !Linux help

    Sunday, 18-Nov-12 01:16:42 UTC from TTYtter at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W
  14. !Linux Mint works perfectly out of the box on the Acer Aspire 5733-6838 laptop. Now sad I need to nuke&pave to dualboot Windows 8.

    Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:01:07 UTC from mail
  15. !linux i need a non-x11 text editor for a keyboard so crappy it lacks ctrl and esc keys. is `ed` the only one that fits the bill?

    Monday, 17-Sep-12 03:43:08 UTC from TTYtter at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W
  16. I stick a fancy wireless keyboard and mouse into #, they just plain work in seconds. # 7, wait an eternity for drivers to DL.

    Monday, 03-Sep-12 00:36:24 UTC from TTYtter at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W in context
  17. So that's really it, huh? @Google's Nexus 7 is a !Linux device that can't mount in # the Linux just-plug-and-play way?

    Saturday, 01-Sep-12 17:05:40 UTC from TTYtter at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W in context
  18. !Linux :V

    Thursday, 23-Aug-12 23:29:47 UTC from web at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W
  19. Red dress at a funeral. # # # !Linux !Unix

    Wednesday, 08-Aug-12 13:09:15 UTC from web at 34°6'34"N 107°13'54"W
  20. What the heck would cause `ls -l` to hang up one terminal consistently but another not at all? # term, bash on !linux host.

    Friday, 08-Jun-12 18:36:06 UTC from mail